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Banz – Earmuff Hearing Protector 2-10 years

Childrens Earmuffs light weight and comfortable. Weighing only 190 grams It has a wide, foam-filled cushions ensure that the set doesn’t squeeze uncomfortably, and there is plenty of space for the ears inside the shells. With a comfy leather-like cover over the headband to ensure all over comfort!!

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Banz – Earmuff Hearing Protector 2-10 years


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Banz Earmuffs protect your little one’s delicate ears. Ideal for concerts, going out on your boat, or any loud activity, they block out harmful noises without affecting ambient sounds so your child’s ears will be safe from damage.
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  • Compact design is easy to store or take with you while you’re out and about
  • Category 4 rating protects your child’s ears from harmful noises

Why this is perfect for your child: The soft cushion cups and lightweight design keeps your child’s ear comfortable and safe during any activity.


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