Milkies – Milk Tray 2 Pack

Two pack of Milk Trays, a breast milk freezing system, will freeze your expressed breast milk in one-ounce servings eliminating waste commonly associated with nurser bags.

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Milkies – Milk Tray 2 Pack

Reg. $29.99

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Unlike ice-cube trays, Milk Trays are specifically designed for expressed breast milk giving you, a breastfeeding mother, the confidence in knowing that none of your breast milk will be wasted.
Using Milk Trays allows you and/or your baby’s caregivers (dads, grandparents, day-cares, etc.) the ability to:

1) make each bottles to order
2) freeze expressed breast milk in 1oz servings
3) achieve your breastfeeding goals
4) take up less space in the freezer allowing you to create a reliable ”stash” of expressed breast milk

Our trays are made from the safest medical-grade plastic with a recycle rating number ”1”. Milk Trays have fitted lids and the trays are flexible enough to allow the Milk Sticks, one-ounce frozen breast milk, to be removed easily. Milk Sticks will fit through any bottle opening. Milk Trays, breast milk freezing trays, are reusable and a huge cost savings because they are a one-time expense for moms!

Milk Trays are Bisphenol-A, Phthalate and dye FREE.



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