To start a Wish List the first step is to create an account, and login from the “My Account” menu.  Next step, is browse to a specific product and click the “Wishlist” button.  It will prompt an option to add a note, set a quantity,  once selected then you click  “Add to Wishlist” button. 

DescriptionDue DateGenderMain Colour SchemeNursery ThemeFurniture FinishItems
Erin's WishlistErin SchleifferFebruary 2, 20156
Frances & Kieran's WishlistFrances Ryan - You may order online OR call the store to purchase over the
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Novemer 20, 2014a boy!Grey/Cream/Light BlueEspresso/Cherry5
Adria's WishlistAdria Thackeray - We're Having Twins!!!Dec 14th 2014It's a Surprise!Neutral18
Alycia's WishlistAlycia Underhill (Hemphill)Jan 15, 2015a boy!Navy/white/grey/mint turqWhite6
Amber's WishlistAmber and Tyler HicksonJan 25th, 2015It's a Surprise!cream/ turquoiseSlate - dark wood16
Angela's WishlistAngela Kielbowski - We are trying to be as organic as possible. If you are
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June 2, 2014It's a Surprise!Walnut9
Carrie's WishlistCarrie RomanoNovember 9, 2014a girl!White4
Cassandra's WishlistCassandra Lorusso - Thank You!march 6th 2015It's a Surprise!13
Christina M's WishlistChristina MarkDecember 26, 2014a boy!YellowBlue, White, Yellow,GreenDark Brown6
Christina Ryan's WishlistBaby KramerFeb 4th 2015a girl!Grey/White/YellowWhite14
Courtney's WishlistCourtney Keppen - Thank you for sharing in the excitement of Baby Keppen. W
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July 26,2013a boy!Blues, Greys and GreensDark7
Heather-Jo's WishlistHeather Jo Bulloch - Its a Boy!Sept 2nd/14a boy!aqua-teil, white, greybeachwhite12
Holly's WishlistHolly Green & Nathanael PaulDec.16 2014a girl!pink/grey/whitepolkadots/chevron34
Laura Y's WishlistLaura Yashan - It's a BOY!! We can't wait for you to meet him! We are also
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Feb 19, 2015a boy!11
Layne's WishlistLayne Fitzpatrick & James HobbsNovember 15, 2014Still waiting to find outWhite6
Leah's WishlistLeah and Alex NielsenFeb 1th 2015a girl!Mint / LylacWhite10
Marti's WishlistMarti Olivierifeb 23, 2015a girl!grey, beige, pinksafariBeige/black brown/pink24
Meghan's Wishlistmeghan watsonJune 20 2015Boycream/pale yellow/tealold fashioned pooh10
Mina's WishlistMina CarusoDec.22 2014a boy!39
Monica's WishlistMonica RezendeDec 14, 2014a girl!Light Pink and greyButterfliesWhite6
Shannon's WishlistBaby Scanga - What's up!Dec 15, 2014Still waiting to find outwhite3
Stephanie's WishlistStephanie Skopyk and Greg DooleyApril 20152
Rebbecca Mae's WishlistBarnes Stephenson - Please help Jacob Stephenson and Rebbecca Barnes prepar
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09/14/2014It's a Surprise!Sage Almond Cool GrayNeutralEspresso Wood54
Sonia's WishlistBaby Seguin - Thank You!March 31st 2015It's a Surprise!White/GreyGrey14
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December 23, 2014a boy!Grey/ Whitewhite23
Sarah's WishlistSarah & Rocco SardellaJan.31, 2015It's a Surprise!21
Erin & Dave's Wishlistmerciful beaucoup! frozen dinners also gratefully accepted instead of gear!
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March 17, 2015time will tell. Woodland critters / naturewhite7
zebratown's Wishlist5
Ashley & Peter Rego's WishlistJune 2 2015NeutralPops of colour & pattern18
babylarocca's WishlistApril 2015Girl38
Elyse and Michael Hill's WishlistJuly 6 2015Girl!Grey and whiteWhite14
Stevie Madder's WishlistMay 23, 2015It's a Girl! Soft Pink, Light Grey, IvoryNoneWhite16
Caitlin and Joseph Coppa's WishlistJune 19, 2015It's a surprise! Grey and AquaWhite33
Heather's WishlistHeather HaywardApril 15, 2015GirlSoft pink/grey/white White10
Katie Demoe's wishlistBaby Boy Demoe is coming soon!!!March 27, 2015Boy46
sheri and mark's WishlistBaby EmilyFebruary 18 2015girl21
Candace and Rob's Wishlist2
Cait Howe's WishlistCait, Adam & Baby Howe-- Giftcards are appreciated!!June 28, 2015It's a surprise!!Grey, WhiteWhite19
Natasha McGregor's WishlistJune 10 2015BoyGrey31
Christie Finnie WishlistSurprise24
crystal dorazio's WishlistJuly 4th 2015BoyLime Green and Teal BlueMonkeysGranite (dark grey)15
cmkerr's WishlistWishlist for Baby KerrDescription of your wishlistMay 7, 2015unknown28
Allie Siciliano's WishlistJuly 12, 2015Surprise10
melaniewells's Wishlist2015grey and yellowdark chocolate26
lindsay's Wishlist20159
Missy & Justy's WishlistJuly 13th, 2015 Time will tell :) Grey/white/yellow/blackChevrons Black 13
Kaila's WishlistBaby SwiftJune 17th 2015girl15
WilkesOmelanchuk's WishlistSept 9, 2015Grey and white (neutral)White15
Candice Sykes WishlistAug. 15 2015Boy!Grey, White and Blue17
sandracastaldi's Wishlistjune 22 2015Girl grey lavender white11
Janine & Aaron's Baby WishlistAugust 2015It's a surprise!Black & GreyGrey, Yellow & TealWhite5
cdunn's WishlistSeptember 28, 2015FemaleLight pink and grey4
Erin Sawyers WishlistJuly 23rd 2015BoyGrey and whiteIndustrial5
fiona75's WishlistJune 25 2015BoyGrey, yellow, blue10
Lina Wash (Carter) WishlistAugust 30 2015Girl Grey, white, lavender ModernGrey 26
BDeAngelis's Wishlist4
tracymcgillis22's WishlistJuly 31, 2015Female 4
Nikki & Joseph's WishlistAugust 28, 2015A baby girl!Pink accentsBaby girl - our princess Dark brown8
Christina Ronfeld's WishlistSeptember 21st, 2015It's A Surprise!White18
Laura Goodwin's WishlistAugust 6th 2015BoyForest/woodland animals9
Kathryn Weatherbee17
racheldoornekamp's Wishlist9
Milne's WishlistSeptember 02, 2015Girlwhite, grey, pinkgrey16's Wishlist2
GillianBarrie's WishlistSeptember 26 2015It's a girl!6
Melissa Gurney's WishlistAugust 23, 2015It's a surprise!6
justine mckenzie's WishlistSeptember 2015Its a surprise!!Neutral, black and whitenatural17
Sarah and Eric KeereBaby Keere -It's a Boy!11/5/2015BoyGrey, Aqua w Navy accentsGrey34
angelagiovannini's Wishlist12/10/2015BoyGrey/White/BlueNauticalGriege/Grey Mist11
Krysta Dudley's WishlistKrysta & David DudleyDecember 6th, 2015It's a surprise!Grey, White, TurquoiseWhite24
Veronica Kitchen & Matthew Curtisfor Baby Curtis aka the Kitchenette19 January 2016boyYellow and white.No strong theme, but Matt likes trains.11
Christy Rossen's WishlistOctober 3, 20159
agannon's WishlistAimee & Chris GannonDec 23 2015Green/neutralDark Brown22
Florin Neaga and Nicole Pardo's WishlistNovember 25, 2015Male12
Jen Stanton's WishlistNatural, organic and minimalist January 25, 2016GirlGrey/neutral/aqua/coral/greenWhite38
Katherin Creighton-Taylor's WishlistSeptember 2015It's a surprise!white, navy, ivory, grey19
DorothyK's WishlistDecember 2015Grey and Turquoise12
Stefani&MitchMurray'swishlist All items to help baby grow~ with grateful hearts~November 21st, 2015.Its a surprise! Neutral, soft grey's, white's and green's Woodland natureGranite Grey 37
ksibabishop's WishlistFor Baby AliceOct 5 2016GirlMisty Grey33
lisakurtisb's Wishlist9
Shannon Pogue WishlistShannon Pogue/ Chris Jukic Jan 2016 girlPink, Gold and White white/natural17
Nicole Bedfords WishlistDecember 1 2015GirlTurquoise and pastel purpleWhite28
Nelson's WishlistJanuary 11, 2016Boy17
javiera.quintana's WishlistNov 24, 2015SpaceWhite6
Amy Karl's WishlistFeb 7 / 16SurpriseGrey / Yellow / White18
Nadia Caruso's WishlistBaby Shower RegistryJanuary 31st 2016girlaqua, pink, yellow & graydistressed white20
LindseyKing's Wishlist9
Dulce Puzio's WishlistDescription of your wishlistApril 2016It's a Surprise :-)Neutral/Grey/Whitegrey/whitevintage white43
Jaclyn Paterson17
bourriebabe's WishlistGift cards appreciatedFebruary 7, 2016FemaleWhite, pink & gold ( neutrals)Baby animals White3
Allie RiegertFeb 10, 2016Girl15
jesshillhouse's WishlistFeb 15, 2016FemaleGrey/Coral/WhiteGrey Wash14
Jessica Iaboni/Brandon McBride03/09/2016BoyGrey, White, Gold, NavyAdventure10
Jodie Shorter's WishlistFeb 23, 2016unknownyellow & greyalphabet & zoo animals8
McPherson WishlistApril 2016It's a boy! Neutral 16
Trish Miragliotta & Tyler Smets WishlistFebruary 17th, 2016It's a Boy!Grey & BlueStars18
Lisa Perry's WishlistMarch 22, 2016Girl!Purple/GreyGrey & White6
Laura Bradley's WishlistMarch 23, 2016Surprise7
Monica Pirocchi's ListFebruary 26, 2016BoyGrey, white, blue and yellowWoodland Animal9
Wielgos-Kitamura's Wishlist21
mindyericwill's WishlistJune 16th, 2016GirlPurple and Teal14
Tippett's WishlistApril 2016Surprise!NeutralElephants55
Bell's Wishlist2
hayleyandsteve's Wishlist2
mallory's WishlistApril 22 2016unknown grey/whitegrey mist 3
Kim and Christina's WishlistApril 2016BoyWoodland animals42
chelseybanks's WishlistJuly 14, 2016 Girl6
Baby Parish's WishlistLiz and Shawn ParishJuly 13 2016???15
tholmes's Wishlist12
Erin_Daly's Wishlist3
Lyndsey Bacardi's WishlistOrder online or shop in storeJune 27, 2016It's a Girl!Soft: Whites, beiges, light pinks & mint/blue White & light wood12
Mamacass's WishlistThinking of a special something for baby harris 2016? Look no further. The
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September 20 2016Unknowngreens, browns, beige, creamforest, woodsywood10
Baby Fournier's WishlistSarah and Will FournierSeptember 7, 2016Girl!Black, white and mustardModern rusticWhite & dark iron14
Courtney Heyninck's WishlistAugust, 2016Grey4
adhameli's Wishlist2
Jessica Cestie & Chris Dwinnell WishlistWhatever gift you choose would you kindly enclose a Gift Receipt in case so
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October 9th 2016Its a GIRLSoft Pink, Grey and WhiteWhite32
aobrien's Wishlist14
Amanda Calabrese's Wishlist10
Helen CheongOct. 1, 20164
MIchelle and Colin's WishlistNov. 10 2016It's a surprise!5
AMPaul WishlistAndrea & Matthew Baby RegistryMarch 21, 2017GirlForest/jungle12
aboward's Wishlist18
dallairea's Wishlist5
Andrea Onley's WishlistIf you purchase online PLEASE call the store and ask them to take it off th
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Feb 2017It's a SURPRISE!Cream & Grey39
Caitlin Andersen and Travis Kuhn's WishlistBaby Kuhn WishlistApril 3, 2017It's a Boy!Neutrals with hints of baby blueSoft and sereneWhite49
ColleenR16's Wishlist4
Anna Reitano's WishlistMarch 2017BoyGrey/White/Light GreenVintage White20
ksibsniles's WishlistBaby girl Nilesfebruary 22, 2017girlwhite, pink, grey, goldwater colour floralswhite7
meladam's Wishlist62
sbrough's Wishlist3
brittanyoneill's WishlistMay 26th 2017BoyWhite and greyCanadian forest animals37
Leanne Brown's WishlistJune 23rd, 2017White13
meaghan_wynes's WishlistBoy! White8
joanna.gamsby's WishlistExcited to welcome our little girl July 2017!July 8, 2017GirlSoft Pink & White with GreyFeminine & FloralWhite furniture6
Erin Reid & Nathan Moore's WishlistErin Reid May 24 2017GirlPink + GreyGrey53
Lindsey & Andrew MacIntosh WishlistIf you purchase online PLEASE call the store and ask them to take it off th
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June 19, 2017It's a SurpriseNeutral5
Vineta's WishlistJune 7th 20179
MeaghanA's WishlistJanuary 29th 2017FemaleGrey/PinkFloral27
denisecampbell's WishlistPlease make sure to notify store of purchases made off my registry. Item's
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Baby Girl69's WishlistJuly 2, 2017It's a Boy! Patterns12
joni bonner's Wishlist13
Lori Mullins' WishlistSept 3 2017No colour scheme yet... bedding to be purchased once the gender is revealedwhite24
lisaj's WishlistOctober 16, 2017Grey, white and turquoiseSeaside26
Sarah Alty & Mack Farthing's Wish ListPlease inform the store of any purchases made off of the wishlist12.09.2017GirlBlack and White35
Baby Burk's Wishlist D'Arcy & Katherine BurkOctober 16th, 2017Boy8
petergallo's Wishlist4
Aurora McAllister's WishlistBaby boy!October 9, 2017BoyBlueCocoa4
hannahmcnamara's WishlistHannah McNamara and Jack Bungaro's baby girlNovember 10thGirl64
Kristy Dunbar and Michael Signorello's WishlistBaby Dani is on her way!!OCT 30 2017 GirlWhite/GreyNANA18
heatherlemmon's WishlistThe Lemmon twins are on their way!December 23, 2017Boys16
Kiersten Allore-Engel's WishlistThank you for your support!December 31, 2017It's a surprise :)Grey/Cream7
heatheradamson's WishlistDec 25 2017Girl 18
EBodashefsky's Wishlist12
mystiesartain's Wishlist9
Kari Huitema's WishlistBaby GirlOct 18, 2019GirlPink, Grey, Navy and WhiteWhite and Navy7
Brie + Ryan's WishlistJanuary 30th, 2020BoyGray17
Baby Pillman's WishlistMay 23 2018It's A Girl!Grey/White/PinkGrey40
Chloe Lester Rutland's Wishlishmarch 31stnot finding out7
jessiemadsen's Wishlistmay 10th 2018Surprisegrey and tealwhite26
rileighhughes's WishlistJune 29, 2018GirlWhite24
Nicolemeloff's WishlistAugust 3 2018BOYGreyElephants9
paigemeikle's Wishlist3
blanca scouller's Wishlist12
Sareekha's Wishlist15
Keshia's Wishlist8
bfoote's Wishlistoutdoors bears/moose1
Mikayla & Steve's Wishlist July 31, 20201
Nalini's Wishlist2020Boy3
Kelly's Wishlist4
Angie Cornacchia's wishlistJanuary 28, 2020BOY2